CCTV, also commonly known as video surveillance, is widely used amongst residential and commercial sites that require constant monitoring. Telecare supply and install CCTV equipment into residential properties and commercial premises such as building sites, shops, offices etc in addition to public locations such as subways and car parks. There are many arrays of CCTV that can be used to protect your premises which acts as a great deterrent as well as being viable evidence used in courts. Choose the system that suits your needs from continuous recording or motion detected activation, wireless or wired, night vision, indoor or outdoor, high definition picture quality, remote view via smartphone or another internet enabled device. Telecare can supply and install a single point of surveillance or as site wide monitoring.

Access Control

An access control system determines who, where and when someone can enter or exit a doorway. From office buildings and staff areas in retail premises, through to hospitals and schools, access control systems have become a vital part of everyday life. With a wide variety of access control systems on the market including swipe smart card systems, key fob systems, pin number access systems or finger print scanners, Telecare specialises in providing door access for the security of the people, belongings, buildings and businesses in either a singular access system or a site wide network.


As with most modern-day products and innovations, the internet plays a huge part at some point. As the CCTV industry has made great headway in technology it is now possible to install site wide CCTV Cameras that can be controlled and monitored from a remote location, including a mobile phone device. This has proved to be a massive step in the security sector and Telecare are pleased to be able to set up your cameras for remote viewing allowing you to view and record wherever you are at the push of a button.

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